"Phir Mile Sur" ??

Saturday, January 30, 2010

So India turned 62 this year!!!
Yet another year added to its glorious years of Independence. 
Yet another colorful parade displaying “Unity in diversity”
Yet another day when our hearts saluted the power and the discipline of the Indian Armed Forces
Yet another day when we felt our hearts inflated with pride at the sound of the National Anthem
Yet other day when we rose to show our respects for the Nation

But on an afterthought,… it was also ……
Yet another day when we gladly took trips home on a long weekend (calling sick for one day off course!!)
Yet another day when we a lot of us thanked the Indian Govt. for public holidays
And not to forget … Yet another DRY Day!!! :D

Yes … These were some of the things that happened these Republic Day as it’s had been happening since many years now, letting us feel pride as well as joy.  This day at the beginning of the year reminds us strongly of our identity and citizenship and lets us feel proud of it… Till off course Independence Day, when this feeling is revived letting us bask in the glory of the Nation again!

But this Republic Day, along with the aforementioned, also saw some new beginnings. For a starter it was the introduction of Monorail,(http://news.oneindia.in/2010/01/26/trialrun-of-monorail-successful-in-mumbai.html) a long dream come true.

 But this year we also saw something, which we grew up with, in an all new avatar!!!
Yes … I am talking about the “Phir Mile Sur” video!

I am sure all of us must have seen the video at least once given the fact that it was made utterly unavoidable on TV!!  Every time u turned on the idiot box it was there staring right at your face!

But I have to agree that this was a nice change and an equally appreciable initiative!

Our country has come a long way since independence and grown in leaps and bounds! It was time that we acknowledged the fact through a medium that all of us would relate to. And what better than Mile Sur Mera Tumhara!! This song had become a second anthem of sorts and I can bet that all of us who grew up with it knew it by heart. It had the ability to give us goose bumps and make us feel proud at being Indians … at being part of such a diverse culture…one that is hardly found anywhere else in the world!

But, though it was indeed a brave initiative… I strongly felt that it was, sadly, a Half  Hearted one...

Certain things in the video, I must say were very well thought about. For example:

            Many people and fields of excellence got their due. The inclusion of the Armed Forces was a much required one. Similarly, we also saw the inclusion of a lot many sports persons from different parts of India which was very acknowledging.

 Salman Khan with the differently abled kids was a real heart warmer! On a similar note Aamir Khan’s presence with the kids…was also a good capture. If only the song at that point of time would not have been “Aye Kya Bolti Tu” types. That was an ear sore!! The inclusion of Shiamak Davar for the fusion was also well thought of.

But what irritated me or I should say put my brain on a “hemorrhage mode” was the presence of so many people who were not required at all!! People like Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor. What the hell was Deepika Padukone doing there in the horrendous yellow outfit? Getting drenched and doing what?????

Really people...The greater part of the second part were an eye sore, save the ending portion. Presence of people like Sharukh Khan is still justifiable. If the presence of celebrities is so important then why not include the likes of Akshay Kumar, Irfan Khan Nandita Das etc. They are doing marvelous job in their profession and are a more diverse lot!

Sometimes I really wonder if the presence of so many stars is necessary, given the fact that there are so many people from so many different walks of life succeeding and bringing pride to India.The absence of people like Ragavendra Singh Rathore who saved our faced at the Olympics; World class players like Vishwanathan Anand; sports like Hockey and Cricket; World famous Industrialists …also made me think that whether these contributions are regarded as worth acknowledging at all. Sports stars though quite a few this time, were again given slots such that before you realize who they were, they vanish… POOF!! I also wonder why did the makers refrain from showing the players in there proud award receiving moments. Those are moments that should be shown over and over again!!! The young lot of politicians, for that matter, should also have also been mentioned !

But amidst these goof ups one can still not deny that it was good to see the coming together of the old and new in the field of music. The modern picture of India that the makers try to capture was still captured quite well.

The reason behind my criticism may be the fact that I was among the many of us who grew up with the original song and are reluctant to let go off the classic feel of the song. But as they say Change is constant… I’m sure the new generation will adapt to this version of the song. Just like how we despise most of the remixed old melodies and then get used to it…. Phir Mile Sur too, surely will also grow on us.

But whatever be the case, when we have to give our children the view of the India that was before…the culturally diverse and the naturally adorable one, I would still stick to the original one !!! May be the “Phir Mile”version can follow!!! :D


Rahul Kumar said...

Well said yaar....even i was thinking why d hell deepika was dere standing like a typical model.....dis video is for d country n for a different meaning....some mistakes dat u pointed out....but still close to our heart....good work anindita....keep writing....

Greengoddess said...

@ Rahul


Swatimala said...

the new 1, i felt didnt compare 2 the old one at all...

ur blog was a nice read...keep writing

Anonymous said...

seriously there was an unnecessary overdose of bollywood... i felt the same and couldn't stop discussing it with my friends and colleagues after we watched it. u may want to check out the long list of those featuring in the video and the link to the lyrics here - http://indian-annu.blogspot.com/2010/01/phir-mile-sur-mera-tumhara-song-lyrics.html

Greengoddess said...

@ Swatimala
Thanks! And I agree. Was definitely nt my best.

Greengoddess said...

@ indian-annu
Will do!