Of Demons Within...

Monday, November 2, 2009

It wasn’t the best night that they had. But still he lay there beside her, spent and wishing for more. He recalled the night that just passed. He recalled the evening, which brought with it the presence of this woman whom he loved. They had had spent the evening in the way they loved it best. They dined, they talked, they laughed. And just as the evening merged into the night, differences fell apart giving way to fulfillment….

Now, she was lying beside him. He held her in his arms and held her close. As he felt the warmth of her bosom against his chest, he wondered what has she done that his life has changed just by her mere presence. He looked at her face. It spoke of bliss. And just as he reciprocated her unpretentious gaze, he could not help feeling her love for him.

He knew that this woman is someone he never wants to lose. She was his indeed, his better half, literally. With her, he has finally found the much wanted stability in his life, after all the futile relationships in his past. And now he couldn’t imagine his life without her.

As his thoughts followed stream, she rose from his arms. His hands followed her as she caressed her hair to tie them into a careless knot. She walked towards the door. His eyes followed her till she disappeared behind the doors. He couldn’t let his minds off her. He wondered how on earth can one being so complete with beauty. And as he watched her coming back towards him, he realized that his his eyes couldn’t do the justice that her beauty demanded. He suddenly felt incapacitated by her.

She came and sat beside him. His eyes travelled through the length of her torso. He could feel every inch of her skin with his bare eyes. Her face spoke of bliss, her neck of pride and her bosom of fulfillment. As he pondered over his thoughts, she spoke to him. She spoke of the evening and the night. She smiled and kissed him thanking him for making her day special. But amidst the beauty of the moment, his mind drifted. He noticed something on her, something that erased everything that just happened.

He saw that her bosom bore marks. Marks that spoke of force and of unwanted presence. He asked himself. Was it him? Was he to be blamed for it? Was he so harsh on her? He couldn’t imagine having done that. But even then, he questioned himself again. His mind ran through the entire evening and the evenings gone by. But still he couldn’t bring himself to blame for it.

Then what could have caused it? He tried not to think of her as promiscuous. But he couldn’t. His love suddenly gave was to despise. It didn’t even take a blink of his eye to imagine her cheating on him. Just as easily as he had imagined her to be a goddess, he created a devil out of her.  He wondered where did he lack that she had to look for love with somebody else.

Just then, she saw him lost in thoughts. She shook him. She was disappointed that he didn’t hear even a single word of what she spoke to him. She asked him again, “Did u hear what I just said?” He couldn’t reply. He stared at her blankly. She came closer to him. “Do you realize something huney? Our little bundle of joy has turned even prettier!  Just today I realized that she has got two tiny little pearly teeth! See what she did today…!!” and she pointed out to the marks on her bosom. “Don’t you think it’s beautiful??!!” 

She closed her eyes and hugged him .. “Huney, I can’t thank you enough for this miracle of life that we created …………..”

His mind went blank…………