TaGGed !!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thanks for tagging Standbymind!! You indeed were right !!!
Life’s worth giving a chance to visit the darker side !!
All the sweet sounding resolutions are anyways meant to be broken!!  So why not try out the darker ones this year???!!
Well pardon me for taking this long to come up with the resolutions.  But here I am… Back to Bite U!
My 1st dark resolution for the year will be to follow some of my dark dreams that I have been having!!!  They are dark and they are nasty …!!! Waiting to live them!!!  
Also, a TRIP to the wilder side of me is definitely on the list!!!
Beating the shit outta some people is also something that has been pending for quite some time now!! This year definitely will be done!!
I may also be hitchhiking my way to some place this year!!! And have all the fun that I can on the way!!!
Finally, this year one week for sure I will try practicing dark dressing for a week!!! Will see if I can look the part of a Goth!