How Silly..!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

As I sat on the nice warm couch of CCD kissing my Frappe today, I travelled in a time machine…literally!!

Thanks to a lovely young couple a few tables away!! I flipped nearly 7 years back in time in the blink of an eyelid. To the days when I was like one of them…in high school ! They were young and lovely and most of all ..trying soooooo hard!!! It was so evident that something was cooking between them!. The girl a mix of innocence and youthful adolcense and the guy a budding young man were such a refreshing sight. 

I could already visualize the next day at school for each of them!!!The girl all huddled up by her gang for ‘what happened on the date!!’ and the guy boasting of his achievement!!! They might have been on their first date [[or may be not! This may be a little too much to ask from youngsters now a days!! The great Gen Y emerging!!! Way advanced!! ]] But first date or not … they were lovely and a pleasure of sight!!!

High School … The days filled with careless emotions and fun filled encounters which were later hot topics for gossip!! Oh... how eagerly we used to wait for the next day at school to unwrap all the gossip … piece by piece …and ready to do it all over again...And again and again!!!

I still remember how I once rolled over myself and literally peeled my knees while running along with my girl gang to see one of seniors talking to her “boyfriend” !!! I still have the memoir of that incident …The eye shaped mark on my left knee!!! Man I dint know what to say mum when I went back home!!And to add to that my kid sister had seen it all happen and I had to bribe keep her mouth shut! I swear .. an episode !! But was worth it!!! We ultimately got to see the mysterious young man from the 'Out of Bounds' Boys School who was known to be a Casanova !!! ;)

And there were the days of serious disappointments when your friends had something to say about their respective boyfriends and you didn’t. It looks funny today when I think of it. But then it was a serious issue which could even give you inferiority complex!! And in case this happens to be the bitch who you hate, she would leave no stone unturned to make you feel miserable!!

But bitches or not these days are just ageless! Though silly but brings a smile on your lips even in the toughest of times. Cherish them and they will entertain you forever!

Today I really wished I never grew up! But someone has rightly said u don’t know the value of a thing until you lose it. And so here I am … reminiscing and relishing those days. Now when I look back at my days at high school I feel … “Man ..!! Was I really like this!!! How silly …!” But I guess it is nothing but these silly little insignificant memories that can live me through a lifetime!!!

There You Light ...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

There you light..
But the naïve flame
Can kill burn and lame..
The thoughts that you seek to kill,
Are the ones that gave you the will…
Nevermind the wounds and bites
Let them be there
As a reminiscence of pain
Let them be there and tell their tale
Sure you light
But to fight
Not the past
Fight the evil
Be the KNIGHT….
There you light …

(Thanks to Standbymind for the inspiration)